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Our Mission

Our mission is centered around providing top quality dependable service, and producing a top quality product, at a fare price for the people of Grande Prairie, AB. We do this every day, constantly researching new products, techniques and pricing so we can be the top contenders in our field. We may work one of the oldest trades known in history, but our knowledge never stops evolving. That’s why we can be confident to say that we do plumbing right, everyday!


About Ben Pilatzke

Ben grew up on a small cattle farm, learning how plumbing, heating and mechanical work made life simpler and easier for him and his family. The value he saw in this inspired him to grow his knowledge into a vast understanding of mechanical systems. He enjoys technical problems and succeeding through situations that involve perseverance research and focus. You will find Ben to be a leading contributor in a solution to any problem you put him up against.


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