Expert Furnace And Heating Repair Services

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residential furnace system


At The Little Plumber Boy, we specialize in heating and a big part of that is furnace repair. Call us next time your building starts to get cold and we will be on your side right away. Our technicians come prepared to diagnose your unit as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using tools like our HVAC parts library, we can bring you our most competitive pricing, and onsite combustion analysis allowing us to get a real time look at exactly what is happening inside your burner. Contact us to book time to perform regular cleaning and servicing of your furnace. This will extend the life of your unit and ensure that small issues don’t become big expensive problems.


Gas Fireplaces

We love working with gas fireplaces. We have extensive experience in fireplace installation and repair, for any make or model.  Have us pay a regular visit to clean and service your tired fireplace in Grande Prairie. We will completely inspect, clean and repair any minor problems to get your unit working perfectly again. This service also includes replacing your thermocouples and thermopiles, cleaning your glass and painting any worn areas. We will also improve your flame effects using different ember materials. We regularly stock repair parts for all major brands, so you can always count on us for quality work when you need it most.

kingsman fireplace
commercial garage tube heaters

Tube Heaters

In many large open concept buildings, radiant tube heaters are a great heating solution. Let us help you by performing regular services on your unit to keep it running great. We also come ready to solve any repair problem your tube heater may have, from a leaking exhaust system right up to installing new Brant or Gordon Roberts tube heaters and setting them up perfectly for our high-altitude city. Nothing makes a winter out in the shop enjoyable like the warm toasty feel of radiant heat pre warming every object before you touch it.


Garage Heaters

Our most common option for heating workspaces in Grande Prairie with lower ceiling heights is our fan assisted unit heaters. We see many brands in town such as Reznor, Modine, Mr. Heater or Heat Star. We regularly source parts and repair all brands for our customers’ convenience. We also stock parts regularly for Mr. Heater and Heat Star products. Call us when you’re thinking of having a garage heater installed and you will find we have an incredibly competitive price along with our installation work being impeccable. We pride ourselves on displaying tight, clean work to minimise wasted space and always use solid steel piping for that crisp straight mechanical look, where practical.

unit heater being installed in garage