Professional Gas Line Installation And Repairs

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BBQ's & Gas Stoves

Whether you’re looking to trade that old electric stove in the kitchen, for the convenience of gas cooking. Or you’re just sick of changing BBQ tanks and running out of fuel. The Little Plumber Boy has a solution for you. We enjoy the challenge of pulling and fishing gas lines through tough places. We don’t promise it can always be done without wall repairs, but we are willing to use our experience to make things work smoothly. We also convert BBQs and gas stoves from propane to natural gas when required.

Propane Tanks & Systems

Some people find large propane systems difficult to understand. At The Little Plumber Boy we enjoy working with all types of propane installations. This includes industrial fill stations, tank install and support pads, propane conversions, RV and travel trailer systems, portable and temporary heating systems, or camp and well shack repair and modification.

propane tank and refill station

Inspections & Leak Detection

If you’ve ever wondered whether installations were done properly for your gas system or if you consistently experience higher than expected gas bills, call us to inspect and test your entire system for leaks.
To accomplish this task we use industry specific leak detectors, pressure test devices and other electronic. You can count on us to be 100% sure your system is safe and operating leak free. We specialize in code compliance, so you can be confident that when we look at your system we will let you know everything you need to know about your equipment.


Commercial Kitchens

One unique area of our trade is commercial kitchen service and installations. We have worked with all types of commercial kitchen gas appliances. Including deep fryers, flat tops, wok tables, steamers and many more. We are willing to bend the rules and book service calls for gas or plumbing outside of operating hours to keep your kitchen operating perfectly without affecting your busy schedule.

commercial kitchen appliances and equipment