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bathroom sink installation

Sinks, Toilets & Fixtures

We take Grande Prairie’s plumbing fixture selection seriously at The Little Plumber Boy! After years of watching sinks drain, and toilets flush we have learned what will make a quality plumbing fixture. Let us help you decide on the perfect set for your building.  We focus on selecting fixtures that function excellently and will provide you and your family with years of problem free service. You can focus on the beauty and craftsmanship of a wide selection from every major plumbing fixture brand in Canada.


Drain Cleaning

Whether your toilet is blocked, or your sink is backed up you can count on us. We come ready for the toughest drain problems you could think of. Our equipment is able to travel down into your sewer and fix the problem up to 180º. Alternatively, we can investigate recurring situations with our inspection cameras. Are roots penetrating your drain line deep under ground? No big deal. Most occasions we can clear the root blockage and treat the system with eco-safe chemicals. 90% of people have never reported a problem again.

power snake drain cleaning under sink
pump repair

Pumps & Septic

The world of pumps and pressurized systems can be very confusing. We specialize in selecting, sizing and professionally installing the perfect pump for any application. We take the time to set up your system properly, so you can get the full life expectancy from your equipment. Sump pumps in Grande Prairie cause so many basement floods, ask us about doubling your security this year by adding a second pump or a battery back up to your family’s home.


Plumbing Renovations

Renovation time is special for your family. It’s a fun opportunity to change your everyday life. We understand that! Let us make your dreams come true. You will find our technicians to be of excellent help on your next renovation. Take the time to have us come visit to sketch out your fixture spacings, or plan elaborate designs, and talk about different possibilities. We would love the opportunity to leave our mark on a beautiful bathroom renovation for your family to enjoy for years every time you turn on a tap.

bathroom plumbing renovation