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tankless water heater

Hot Water On Demand

Hot water on demand, our high-tech water heating wonder of the of the 21st century. These units will heat your water from winter cold to 125 degrees in seconds.  They are controlled with a technical array of sensors and switches allowing this to happen fast. That’s where we come in. Whether we are updating your old system to modern standards or repairing the on demand water heating super beast in your basement.  We are ready to respond with factory trained techs working with industry leaders like Navien and Viessmann. You can count on quality products, installed with the best piping systems and that we will set you up for years of dependable service.  You will benefit from getting the full value out of your on demand water heater.



These units radiate efficiency and technical perfection. Boilers have long been considered superior to all heating systems. Custom designed for individual zone control, maximum efficiency and total comfort in your living space. These systems work with the natural laws of physics warming our living spaces from the bottom, using floor warming and radiant transfer units. This allows for fan free silent heating of your space and a constant temperature without the up and down swing, common to a furnace system. We provide a good selection of Viessman, Navien, and Lochinvar units allowing for many different applications for our customers.

boiler room
hot water tank system

Hot Water Tanks

We are ready to repair or replace any hot water tank, commercial or residential for our customers. Unfortunately, due to modern industry standards, tanks generally last 10-12 years in Grande Prairie. Although, there are exceptions to the rule.  When your hot water tank fails, you can count on us to make it as quick and painless as possible for a replacement. Also, ask us to install a catch pan under your tank and pipe to a lower drain to avoid any damage from future leaks. We perform regular cleaning and servicing of hot water tank systems, including anode replacement and complete inspection of burner and flue in order to increase your tanks life expectancy.


Pressure Washer Systems and Compressed Air

We can handle the pressure when it comes to your commercial high-pressure systems. We take every precaution to keep you safe, double checking all piping and fittings to exceed the safe operating ranges of your systems. We do not service compressors, but we have extensive experience in wash bay sizing and installation. Including stainless high-pressure double furl tube with hose reels, and high performance water heating systems. We have also worked out a number of noise isolation methods for compressor units. 

commercial pressure washing system